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Equipping the conference hall

The audio and visual equipment of the conference hall includes many items, the most important of which are the audio system, conference camera, conference room monitor, conference microphone, etc. How to equip the conference hall is one of the most important things. The price of conference audio and video equipment depends on the quality of the equipment and its up-to-dateness. Conference room audio equipment has different brands, each of which has its own price. Sadra Computer has been successful in equipping conference halls throughout Iran and has set up and implemented the best and strongest conference halls

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The most important conference room equipment

There are various equipments in the conference room, which are very important and useful to be up-to-date and of high quality in presenting the content and making the meetings more effective. For this reason, to the extent that the conference room has better equipment, the content will be presented in a better way, and all people, including the presenter and the listener, will be more satisfied with it. This equipment can be briefly divided into three categories. which are explained in the following three categories

Conference room displays

Another equipment of the conference hall is its screens. Conference monitors can be used for video conferencing or content display. These screens range from 15 inches to 100 inches depending on the size and capacity of the hall

Conference room cameras

To record images, it is better to use well-equipped and advanced cameras in conference halls. These special cameras can be placed on fixed bases and automatically record the images of the meetings and the speaker

Conference room audio systems

The audio equipment of the conference hall is one of the most important equipment. The sound system is selected according to the size of the hall. In order for the provider’s voice to be broadcast better, appropriate audio systems should be used

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Conference microphone

The first and most important part of the conference room equipment is the conference microphone. This conference microphone conveys the quality and beauty of your hall to the audience and participants. As a result, you should be very careful in choosing your conference microphone according to your conditions and environment. Conference microphones are available in two types, wireless and wired, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Sadra Iranian team does this with the utmost care

Conference hall monitor

which is one of the conference room monitors and is considered one of the important tools in the meeting room. This tool helps the meeting manager to easily present his content to the people present in the meeting. The screen size of this monitor is 15.8 inches. Also, the resolution of this folding monitor is 1920*1080, which provides the user with very high resolution details. The screen type of this conference monitor is LED so that users’ eyes are not damaged due to long use

Conference room camera

One of the equipments of the conference hall is the imaging system. Photographing the conference hall and meetings is an important and necessary thing that should be in the first priorities of your conference hall. Today, high-quality cameras are used in conference halls in the form of automatic tracking to take pictures of your hall and meetings completely automatically without an operator. If you do not have complete information about the automatic tracking system and conference cameras, we suggest that you contact us for more information

Speaker of the conference hall

The quality of your voice and the softness of your voice from the microphone will be evident when you use a conference room speaker with high quality and output so that the sound is played in the best way. As a result of the second step and your accuracy in choosing the equipment of the conference hall, you should choose the speaker of the conference hall that meets your needs in the best way and without extra noise. Again, the Sadra team provides you with the best options according to your environment and space

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Sadra Iranian company has always been trying to keep pace with new and modern technologies by using new technologies in equipping the conference hall and conference room. If by referring to the contents of this page you still have different questions in your mind for which you have not found a solid answer, be sure to accept our request and contact us as soon as possible so that we can meet your needs. Let’s fix it in the best way