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Our specialty is conference!

The strongest collection in the country in equipping conference halls

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A powerful team is by your side

An expert staff will answer you 24 hours a day in online chat and by phone.

25years of brilliant experience in the field Conference and video conference

A leader in designing and equipping conference halls

Sadra Iranian New Technologies Analyst Base started operating in January 1377 in order to provide services in the field of designing, equipping conference halls, convention halls and amphitheaters nationwide. The implementation and completion of a large number of projects in different provinces, including governmental and non-governmental organizations and centers, is one of the activities of this company. Sadra Iranian has continuously tried to be a pioneer in the field of new technology and the latest audio and video equipment. To get the most acceptable result at the end of every process and project by using the best and highest quality equipment. Use the following buttons to learn about projects, production products and conference equipment.

More than 250 projects across the country

By completing more than 250 conference hall projects in different cities and provinces, Sadra Iranian Company creates this guarantee and assurance to equip and complete your projects, meeting and conference halls with the most up-to-date equipment and the most experienced experts. Just call us.

24 hour support

The technical and support team of Sadra Iranian will answer all your problems 24 hours a day.

30 active agencies

more than 30 active representatives throughout the country, responds to your requests.

Specialist forces

In the implementation of all projects, trained and specialized forces are used to achieve the highest quality.

1000 active products

Currently, more than 1000 Sadra products have been installed and launched throughout the country and in different provinces.

تجهیزات-کنفرانسی-1 سالن-کنفرانس-صدرا

We are with you from design to equipment

Video conference camera, desktop microphone are among the most important equipment that you will need for the conference hall. In addition to the audio and video system, attention should be paid to issues such as the material of the walls and the floor of the room in order to prevent the reflection of light and sound. Otherwise, the images played from the screen or projector cannot be seen. Also, participants will have trouble using their computers or even hearing the audio of the meeting. In this direction, Sadra Iranian experts use the latest and most modern methods of designing and equipping rooms and halls in order to implement projects as best as possible.

Get completely free and specialized advice

Manufacturer of all kinds of conference equipment in Iran

Sadra Iranian, since 2019, research and study activities for the production of conference equipment have been on the agenda, and with the aim of localizing technology and increasing employment, since 2020, the stages of manufacturing this equipment have been followed. The result of the efforts of Iranian experts and specialists finally led to the production of the most up-to-date and high-quality conference and professional audio and video products in Iran. The products of Sadra Iranian Company entered the market with the approach of supporting Iranian production and localizing these equipments with the highest technologies of the day. Sadra Iranian Group (Sadra Computer) hopes to provide its compatriots with an all-Iranian and localized platform by increasing its products.

Think differently, choose wisely

We always appreciate your trust

Sadra Iranian, with more than 30 active representatives across the country, completes all projects and requests needed in the conference hall equipment, conference hall equipment, conference and video conference system in the shortest time with its most up-to-date products. We hope that we have been able to serve you by providing the best services and the latest products. We always think of better growth with your positive and influential comments.

A complete and extensive list

The best equipment Conference and video conference
Ask Sadra

A complete and extensive list

The best equipment Conference and video conference
Ask Sadra


Manufacturer of conference equipment, audio and video

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